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Want to know more about ODI?

Founded in 1983 by Darren's dad Norm, ODI has seen and adapted to many changes within the industry. Darren worked with his Dad from the age of 14 spending most of his time glass beading and taking apart whatever he could. Eventually, he would learn how to put it back together and is now considered your "go to turbo guy". Norm retired in 2003 and Darren and Meridee took over the helm.  Meridee keeps the doors open by keeping track of all that gets done.  She'd like to tell you she's the brains of the operation but she gladly gives that honour to Darren although she does wear the title of "Controller" with a certain amount of pride.  Together they raise a daughter and a son.  
There was a time in this industry when diesels were mainly used in industrial applications but today we see them in our driveways.  Mechanical fuel injection pumps have given way to high pressure common rail systems (HPCR) to meet the stringent emission standards of today. Turbo chargers have evolved from being just a slow turning altitude compensator to modern units that turn close to 250,000RPM to meet the high horsepower needs of today.
Our industry is ever changing and we try our best to keep up and grow with it.  Our latest focus is the diesel automotive aftermarket.  If you're looking for ways to increase the power and mileage in your Dodge, GM or Ford diesel, we can help you do it.

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